Use Case

Precision Mitigation

Acute insights to help maximize the return of resilient mitigation investments.




Investments in mitigation, such as backup generators, alternative power sources, and seismic retrofitting, can minimize losses in the event of a natural disaster. Many companies have budgets earmarked for mitigation, however, without precise predictions and forecasting of hazard impacts, mitigation spending can be misdirected or ineffective.

Inefficient or misallocated mitigation investments result in overspending on areas that are less prone to impact while missing others that could help avoid catastrophic loss, due to overreliance on building-level forecasting that doesn’t account for network impacts.

Mitigation budgets are also frequently distributed evenly among different types of hazards, rather than analyzing how to spend money for the most protection and the least interruption.




Distributing mitigation budgets evenly across expected hazards leads to insufficient coverage for some events and overspending for others. To minimize loss and spend budgets most impact-fully, BCP professionals and property owners need to prioritize the right risks. One Concern’s platform can help users determine how to prioritize limited budgets for the most precise mitigation.




One Concern DNA™ offers downtime projections, both by return period and by hazard (or multiple hazards), to help users to determine which dependencies are most exposed and choose how best to mitigate them.

We offer insights on which dependencies, such as highways or power grids, will fail first in the event of a hazard, so users can make informed decisions about how best to spend their mitigation funds. We help users spend their money most effectively to mitigate risk, minimize harm, and sustainably grow their businesses.


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