One Concern Domino AI

Making Resilience Measurable with advanced Location-Based Business Downtime Analytics

Transform your climate risk strategy with our comprehensive location-based data and robust business downtime insights. Our platform is curated to serve diverse sectors:

For Insurers: Unlock access to Business Interruption risk scores for various perils and critical infrastructure disruptions like power outages or impediments to ingress/egress.
For Financial Services: Gain detailed company-specific and location-based resilience scores with (1CRX™).

One Concern offers an array of resilience statistics and metrics, enhancing our curated datasets. Available through our One Concern Domino AI API, these insights empower users to understand, plan, price, mitigate, or transfer business interruption and downtime risks for prospective and owned assets.

Stay ahead of the curve with our comprehensive business downtime statistics (1CDS™). Our platform categorizes data based on interruption type, peril, return period, planning horizon, and climate scenarios, paving the way for informed and efficient decision-making.

Experience seamless innovation with One Concern APIs. Our all-encompassing solution effortlessly delivers actionable business downtime insights for individual properties and businesses. We ensure smooth integration with your existing systems by providing BI Risk Scores and 1CRX™ data via our APIs.

Our adaptable visual dashboards can synchronize data in formats compatible with your preferred Business Intelligence (BI) platforms, such as Tableau. Dive deep into our location-based business downtime and analytics suite, strengthening resilience in your financial decision-making and underwriting processes.

Resilience Statistics

1CRX™ Resilience Score

[Tenant and Company Level] Facilitates the industry-specific assessment and benchmarking of hard asset (individual properties at tenant level resolution) or financial asset linking physical risk to financial risk for the first ever time.

Business Interruption Risk Score

[Physical Location Level] Score to quantify the business downtime risk to an asset from direct and indirect disruption.

1CDS™ Downtime Statistic

[Physical Location Level] The expected downtime of an individual asset due to a hazard

1CEP™ Exceedance Probability

[Physical Location Level] The probability of any event triggering impairment or leading to downtime over a threshold.

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